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L∞P's principles

L∞P proposed ten equally essential principles:


Everyone should be in constant direct contact with customers, understand their needs, and be obsessed with delivering value to them.


The team is asked to deliver an outcome, not an output. The effectiveness and efficiency of the team are measured by the customers' success, not by outputs (No Burn-down charts).


Remove silos between marketing, sales, customer success, and the product team.

Trust & Ownership

The product team is tasked with leading the customer to success and having total freedom to develop the optimal solution.


At least 50% of working time should be allocated to focus time and be on the calendar daily.

No Estimates & no time boxes

Use a pull-based system, focus on one work item at a time, and prioritise discovery over planning.

Explicit policies

Use templates for agendas and artefacts to prevent deviation from your processes. Aim for self-reinforcing practices and principles.

Clear goals

The entire organisation should understand the business mission, vision, principles, and strategy.


The decisions, direction, and work items are backed by data.


Making decisions based on what is best for the project rather than just optimising for individual preferences or technical ideals.

Less is more

Having fewer features is sometimes the best feature. Smaller teams can be more effective than larger teams.