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Summer Blockbuster Movie
::Fri, Jul 3, 2009

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Battlefield 3 Tips
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Battlefield 3 Tips
:: Tue, Nov 29, 2011

It's killing me not being able to play this game while waiting for my computer to return from repairs. Been spending my downtime watching strategy videos. Here's a bunch of tips I've picked up and am noting here to share with others.
  • If you see an enemy in the distance press the Q key to spot them. Doing so give you 10 points and marks them with a red icon and on the minimap.
  • When exiting a tank you'll leave in the direction the turret is facing. So if you want to leave behind the tank to repair while getting shelled, point the turret towards the back before exiting.
  • The engineer EOD bot can be used to capture and defend MCOM points in Rush. It can also run over enemies or torch them.
  • The SOFLAM is a Recon gadget that laser designates ships and vehicles, which your teammates can then fire at without anti-flare distractions. You can also use it remotely to survey the land or spot enemies.
  • You can kill someone with the engi repair tool.
  • You can drive a tank over/through water.
  • You cannot cook grenades but you can aim them after pulling the pin. Press the grenade button, and aim while holding down left mouse.
  • Aiming a laser at people's eyes will slightly blind them. Flashlights are far more blinding.
  • You can disable enemy C4 by picking it up.
  • Tanks are most vulnerable from the back, and somewhat from the side. Front has the most armor.
  • When flying, your warning sound will beep when being tracked, make a solid sound when locked onto, and then beep faster when being shot upon. Listen, and deploy flares during the third stage.
  • Landing a sniper shot isn't always a one-hit-kill when not striking on the head.
  • Using the Javelin, lock onto your targets head on but fire the rocket upwards into the air for maximum success.
  • Spawning on your own radio beacon will destroy it. If you place the beacon outside, spawning players will parachute down to it. Placed inside, players will simply spawn on top of it.
  • You can hurtle while zoomed in.
  • Mortar has an alternate fire which tosses smoke. They have independent reloads, so be sure to alternate between them.
  • The Tow and Kornet launcher missiles can be guided with your mouse once fired.

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