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Summer Blockbuster Movie
::Fri, Jul 3, 2009

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I beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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I beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution
:: Tue, Oct 11, 2011

31.4 hrs played. I wouldn't recommend this game to friends. On medium difficulty I found it unchallenging and the gameplay got stale real fast. My character specialized in combat and hacking. With this I could pretty much get into any room I wanted to and blast my way past any resistance. I think they placed an emphasis on stealth, so if you opt for a run and gun playthrough it's ridiculously imbalanced. The AI was horrible too...a sniper rifle and shotgun is all you really need to clear a room. Pick off enemies at a distance, and once they're alerted wait for them to round a corner before pumping a shell in their chest. After a while I just wanted the game to be over with and felt no compelling drive to continue playing.

There were hardly any vendors so my inventory was inundated with junk that I never used and I was rich at the end of the game. The upgrade system was ill conceived and half the upgrades were useless. Although the augmentation that allowed your player to see through walls was pretty cool.

The game suffers from major stuttering on even decent computers. This was likely due to how they loaded environmental textures progressively. Once you've explored a bit the stuttering subsides a bit. It never used to be as bad, but people were complaining about long load times so they released a patch that minimized load times but introduced the stuttering. In certain places like the streets of Detroit it was unbearable.

Boss battles were a joke, too. With the typhoon upgrade all you had to do was walk next to them and fire of 1-2 volleys and they're dead.

If I get bored I may go back and play through the game one day on the hardest difficulty using stealth only, just to see if I can get the remainder of the achievements. The game attaches itself to Steam once installed so sadly I can't resell it. It's not a game worth keeping.

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