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Star Wars Battlefront – Bespin Trailer



Blizzard’s Overwatch comes out on Monday. It’s a 6v6 team-based tactical shooter with 21 unique heroes (classes). Basically a TF2 clone on steroids. I haven’t been really interested in the game until I finally got to try the open beta recently, and then spent some time watching gameplay footage from GaLm who pretty much sold me on the game. In the past I’ve really enjoyed playing TF2 and this looks like a solid improvement to the formula.

All the heroes look fun and I can see myself regularly swapping them out. I think my favorite from each category would end up being  Tracer, Junkrat (loved the demo in TF2), Roadhog, and maybe Zenyatta.

Best of… Gary the stormtrooper (Robot Chicken)

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Magic the Gathering: Black Lotus

TIL there’s a rare card in the original Magic the Gathering that can sell for as much as $27,000 on the used market. The card was originally considered too overpowered and has been banned from tournament play, and because of this it was no longer printed and became a rare trading artifact.

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Star Wars Battlefront Tips

Loving the game so far! Here’s an ongoing list of tips for both beginners and experienced players.
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