Original Star Wars

Over the weekend I rewatched the original 3 Star Wars movies which never gets old. In my opinion the first 3 are way better than the newest 3. Sure the effects were cheesy at times but the acting, storyline, and choice of characters leave a much better lasting impression. I still get chills when Vader announces he was Luke’s father. At these times these movies first came out I was very young, but even to this day I can still recollect the scent of somebody’s cologne or perfume during Return of the Jedi in the movie theater.

It’s funny how many flaws there were in these movies. For the first time I noticed that scene where the stormtrooper bumped his head on a door. Also I got a chuckle out of a line by Ben Kenobi where he comments on the accuracy of stormtrooper blasters, and yet throughout the entire movie they never seem able to hit anything. They have the worst accuracy.

There’s a few minor things that have always bugged me about these movies, and a few that manifested after the digital enhancements were introduced for DVD sales.

  • When landing on the planet of Dagobah Luke just happens to wind up right next to Yoda’s hut. What are the chance of that given the entirety of the planet? Unless of course there was some divine intervention at play with the force to guide Luke in.
  • At the end of Empire Strikes Back, after Vader reveals he’s his father, Luke lets go and falls miles down that chute, only to land perfectly in a small opening and not sustain any injuries form the fall. Even if he had landed perfectly on a gradual grade reduction he still should have suffered some broken bones.
  • Han shot first. That scene is terrible now.
  • Also I hate the fact that they now show Anakin as a ghost at the end of the movie instead of the original Vader. Ben isn’t young, so why is Anakin suddenly young again? Just because he momentarily found a shred of decency?

Check out these funny mistakes.

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