My Knee

I’ve been having problems with my left knee for about 2 years now. When I sit for an extended duration of time it stiffens up and hurts to bend, which really doesn’t jive well with my career and lifestyle since I sit in front of a computer so often. About a year ago I get an elliptical to exercise my knee and it really helped. I strive to use it every other day, and the pain and stiffness typically goes away completely. But if I lapse on my exercise or after a typical camping weekend the dull and constant aching returns.

This week it’s been especially bad for some reason and I can’t even bend my leg completely. So I finally caved and saw a doctor. They performed an x-ray which looks fine. I suspected the problem was osteoarthritis, but it turns out I have a bakers cyst behind my knee which is a pocket of fluid that forms often as a result of arthritis. They gave me a shot of cortisone, and I’ve got an MRA scheduled for a month out to see if it needs to be drained or removed surgically.

Hopefully I can get this solved. I’ve been dealing with it for so long now and gotten in the habit of standing cautiously while placing weight on my other leg. Otherwise my left knee can sometimes buckle and give out. I thought for sure I’d be needing knee surgery one day, but was hoping regular exercise would address it.

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