Star Wars Battlefront Tips

Loving the game so far! Here’s an ongoing list of tips for both beginners and experienced players.

General Gameplay

  • All blasters overheat after extended use. When this happens you can perform a cooling flush by hitting R inside the yellow region. Each successful flush reduces the size of that yellow region, where it will remain until you die, fail a flush, or let the gun cool down naturally. When out of combat/danger you can force an overheat to reset this.
  • Up to 3 star cards can be configured as a hand and represent your loadout. At level 10 you unlock a 2nd hand. Several presets can be configured, but only 2 hands can be activated before a match. Hands can’t be modified when a match starts.
  • All star cards have a cooldown and can be upgraded into black cards which typically reduces that cooldown.
  • The center slot in a hand can only hold charged star cards. Additional charges can be purchased or picked up on the field.
  • A single trait can be equipped for passive bonuses. Getting kill streaks will upgrade traits up to level 3. Getting killed will reduce a trait by one level.
  • Running and firing your blaster reveals your position on the radar.
  • You can have a party of up to 8 players but only a single partner. Partners allow you to share hands and you can spawn on them. They show up in yellow in the game, while party players show up in green.
  • All single-player missions can be played co-op.
  • You can experiment will all blasters in the missions.
  • There’s no penalty to aim while shooting from the hip or firing while on the move. If you take the time to stop and ADS at targets closer than long range you’ll lose out on most firefights.
  • Aim for the head for a damage bonus.
  • While it may be unnatural to seasoned FPSers, playing in 3rd person mode offers the advantage of wider FOV and the ability to peek around corners. It may be worth adapting to that for these benefits. You can even toggle the behind the should view from left to right to give yourself an edge depending on your approach vector.
  • There are 3 active challenges at a time. Completing these give some credits and experience. A new challenge gets randomly assigned when you complete one, or you can pay 500 credits to get rid of it (losing all progress).


  • With the exception of the speeder bike, all vehicles are available as pickups on the map. They’ll have an icon to represent the vehicle.
  • Vehicle pickups expire quickly so use them as shortly after they’re picked up. If you’re shot while attempting to call them in it’ll reset the meter.
  • The AT-AT has a time limit for use, and getting kills will add additional time to it.
  • The AT-ST has an anti-vehicle rocket that will lock onto ships when aiming at them.
  • The AT-ST has a weak spot on its back, and the AT-AT on its underbelly.
  • You can exit any ship by holding E.


  • Ships have 3 evasive maneuvers that let you do a barrel roll or 180 flip. These also shake missile locks.
  • Do a barrel roll meneuver to rapidly turn around in the snow speeder.
  • RMB will lock onto a target for aim assist.
  • You can exit a ship by holding E.
  • Personally, I found it difficult to control movement with mouse alone. So I’ve additionally bound movement to WASD for faster control, and use the mouse with low vehicle sensitivity for precision movement and aiming.

Star Cards

  • You can cancel a pulse cannon charge by hitting melee or switching weapons.
  • The ion torpedo can lock onto and track all vehicles, ships, and structures.
  • The personal shield blocks energy based attacks but not physical ones, such as explosives and the cycler rifle. Watch out for melee.


  • Hero’s are available as pickups on the map and look like a lightsaber. They expire quickly so use them shortly after pickup.
  • Hero health won’t regenerate.
  • When Leia or the emperor are present  you can spawn on them as royal guards or shocktroopers. There’s a limit of 2 at a time, and each has a specialized loadout. Their health won’t regenerate out of combat.
  • Leia and the emperor can drop powerups for your team. On hero game modes they instead drop hero health.


  • Walker Assault
    • The round is played over 3 segments, during each of which there’s 2 uplink stations to attack/defend. If the rebels hold an uplink for a period of time it’ll queue up a Y-wing bomber. Once the walker reaches the end of its segment all Y-wing bombers will commence their raid, during which the AT-AT is vulnerable for attack (the walker will have blue lightning bolts on it).
    • As rebels, save your orbital strikes for the AT-AT as they do significant damage to them. Dish turrets also do a lot of damage.
    • Snow speeders have a tow cable that can instantly drop an AT-AT, but only when it’s vulnerable with Y-wing bombing. Fly close to it and deploy the cable by pressing 2. A mini-game will begin where you need to keep the snowspeeder inside the vertical bar. Getting shot can dislodge the speeder.
  • Cargo: You can capture the enemy flag even while yours is picked up.
  • Cargo: You can’t use the jump pack while carrying the cargo.
  • Hero Hunt: The player that deals the killing blow to the hero becomes a hero.

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