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The real faces of Half-Life 2!

The Plot of Transistor

Transistor was a fascinating game that’s without a doubt worth playing. But the plot was rather confusing. This attempts to make sense of it and is an interesting read if you’ve ever played the game (with you should do).

2 new websites launched!

I recently launched 2 new websites at work which have been added to my portfolio. They are:

The 40 Most Strangely Satisfying Images On The Internet

The Sims 2 – Buy Mode 3

Never really got much into The Sims, but like all Maxis games the music can be really catchy and charming.



Borderlands: The Pre Sequel


Comes out on Tues 10/14. I love this franchise!

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

I hate having to pay money for stupid things. Who doesn’t really, but it especially leaves me depressed.

  • Last month I got a ticket for rolling through an all-way stop sign around the corner. The stupid cop was camping the intersection up the road and waiting for people. NOBODY ever comes to a complete stop at these since there’s never any traffic. To make it worse my inspection was due.

    Even though I got an inspection immediately and mailed the receipt they still fined me for both. Each ticket had a NYS fee of $90. Total cost: $350.

  • I got sick of AT&T charging me excessively for text messaging and other bogus fees so I cancelled them and went to Consumer Cellular. It slashed my bill by $30 upped by data and text plan. But I foolishly forgot I renewed my contract when I upgraded my phone and got hit with a cancellation fee. Total cost: $200.
  • We had a tree cut down in our front yard. Month went by and they never came to collect payment. Nor did they have us sign a contract. Today they called me and said their records indicated we never paid them so they’re sending a bill. I thought we had gotten away with not having to pay them at all. Total cost: $600.

That’s a crapload of boardgames I could have bought for these. FML…