The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime

I’ve seen 9 of them.

Ghost Stories

Here’s another site app I created that randomizes setup for the co-op board game Ghost Stories. This randomizes all the village tiles, the placement of the monks, as well as which power each monk begins with.

Space Cadets: Dice Duel

Here’s a setup tool I created for Space Cadets: Dice Duel which randomizes the placement of all asteroids, nebulae and wormholes.

Linkin Park – Waiting for the End

So fucking good.

SimCity: Cairo Scene

Cairo Scene is a city specializing in oil drilling and fuel production. The center of the city is the hub of drilling activity, while the HQ skyscraper oversees operations from the plateau along the edge.

SimCity: Atlas

The city of Atlas is divided by a steep ledge requiring the use of extensive tunnels to travel to either side. One side of the ledge offers a mixture of education and high-wealth skyscrapers along the shore, while the other side is where all the high-tech industry provides jobs for the educated sims. The nearby space station provides an influx of new students and tourists.

Caverna: The Cave Farmers


Caverna is the latest board game I’ve acquired which is currently ranked #10 on It was $90 and has over 400 components!

This is worker placement game with tons of deep strategy. The game has numerous resources which players can specialize in or use to gain the most score, including grains, vegetables, gold, food, dogs, stone, wood, ore, rubies, donkeys, sheep, pigs and cattle. On their own boards players can opt to carve out their cave and furnish it from among the many room tiles or instead concentrate on farming and animal husbandry. With multiple paths to victory there’s many ways you can go about playing this game.

The Division Trailer

Very chilling.

I hate it when…

  • …you’re ordering fast food and the server asks if you want X. Just once I’d like to respond with “Did I ask for it? No? Then there’s your answer.”
  • …you’re driving in the left hand lane of a 2-late road. When approaching an intersection the person ahead of you doesn’t put on his blinker to indicate they’re turning left. So here you are stuck behind them an unable to go around because you’re nudged up too close since you didn’t expect them to turn.
  • …you’re buying furniture (or anything else from any store) and the associates keep bugging the hell out of you. Look, I’ll seek you out if I have a question. Your incessant hounding will not motivate me to buy furniture and in fact might even drive me away. Sometimes upon entering I try and immediately lose myself so they don’t block me at the door. One lady chased me through the store calling after me and I pretended not to hear her.
  • …people aren’t aware of their surroundings and block you. Whether it’s in a car, the supermarket, a doorway…whatever the case may be. When you’re in a public location you should always be aware of your surroundings and not inconvenience others by blocking them. Use your peripheral vision, people.

Things Cadence Says

  • “I found a worm squiggling!”
  • (After scolding her) “You’re a bad guy. Now you can’t go to my birthday party. You have to sit in timeout.”
  • “Daddy, you can’t drink water. You have to drink beer.”
  • “Daaaaady. I hiding!” (Is standing behind a see-through curtain right in front of me)
  • Cadence is pretty good at being polite and using “Please” and “Thank you”. The other day we were out back and she wanted to help me weed a flower bed. So I’d rip out the dandelions and hand them to her to throw in the bag. She said “Thank you” every time I handed her weeds. And when she says thank you she adds extra A’s, so it comes out like “Thaaaaaank you.”
  • I have the morning shift and am responsible for waking Cadence up and bringing her to daycare. At least once I week she’ll say to me “Where mommy go? She at work.”
  • Sometimes when addressing me she start’s off with “Mom” and then realizes I’m “Dad”. So she ends up saying “Maaaadaaaad”, or sometimes “Moad” for short.
  • “It’s mice.” (It’s mine)
  • “I can’t like it.” (I don’t like it)
  • “Put my down.” (Put me down)
  • “Hey, my naked!” (When changing her)
  • At friend’s baptism after altar candle was lit: “Happy birthday!”