Star Wars Battlefront Tips

Loving the game so far! Here’s an ongoing list of tips for both beginners and experienced players.
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Atlas Obscura’s Guide to Islands You Never Want To Visit

Cities:Skylines – Palm Springs

Here’s some pictures I took of my first city in Skylines which I’ve been slowly working on since March. Right now it’s up to nearly 130,000 citizens with a bank of $5million. Played this city without cheats and managed to unlock all but 2 of the monuments.

The After Dark expansion comes out today which introduces a day/night cycle, as well as several other enhancements including commercial specialization. I plan to start a new city using a European tileset with this. Here’s how Palm Springs looks at night.

Scott Pilgrim vs Roxie Richter

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This movie is the best.

Notable BGG threads

The Who – Teenage Wasteland (NFS Most Wanted Remix)

So, like, this is very annoying?

People who use the word “like” in every sentence drive me nuts. There’s nothing more irritating than listening to a conversation between two young valley girls, both of which are barfing that world back and forth.

Even more annoying is upspeak. Let’s take a normal statement and treat it as a question? Upwards inflection is, like, the only way I know how to talk?

Breaking Bad – Jesse’s wooden box

11 Places Where You Could Die While Visiting